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RitterAssociates has the technology, the experience and the relationships with talented professionals across the United States to ensure that you receive the best customer experience services in the industry.  Not only do we offer mystery shopping, we also provide many other services to meet the individual needs of your company.  Some of these services include:

One of the most popular services is mystery shopping which can help you both measure customer service and monitor the competition.  RitterAssociates is one of the fastest-growing providers of mystery shopping in the United States, accounting for in excess of 300,000 inspections each year throughout the United States. We maintain a very diverse database of professional shoppers located across all 50 states.

RitterAssociates can create a custom measurement program for your entire network of stores, brand subsidiaries, or special project.  We partner with you to ensure that the RitterAssociates services you choose will deliver the intended results.


RitterAssociates is recognized for high quality
customer measurement services

We offer highly qualified mystery shoppers and account managers

Mystery shopping United StatesAt RitterAssociates, our knowledgeable and experienced account managers will work closely with you to create a research plan that will yield your desired results.  A dedicated account manager will be available to you at all times to handle routine and emergency needs. Further, the account manager will work with you to determine a shopper profile that meets your target market and will ensure that every objective of your research plan is accomplished.

At RitterAssociates, we use only the highest quality mystery shoppers. A key component in developing relationships with quality mystery shoppers is the registration process.  All contractor applicants are carefully screened for conflicts of interest, diligence in completing the registration form, professional experience and the quality of the applicant’s narrative. Contractors are also screened for:

  • Ability to handle the unique nature of the work
  • Ability to read and record verbatim responses
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to listen carefully
  • Ability to accomplish specific objectives
  • Willingness to work flexible hours

At RitterAssociates, we also employ experienced schedulers who use state-of-the-art technology to create a mystery shopping schedule that works both for you and the professional mystery shoppers.  Our schedulers are trained to your company’s operating standards and use a sophisticated, customized computer system to accurately and efficiently communicate all of your mystery shopping objectives to the mystery shoppers before they perform a visit.

RitterAssociates refined methodologies are specifically designed with checks and balances to verify constant observance to our high statistical and editing standards.  Our quality control standards
consist of:

  • RitterAssociates ToledoA staff of quality editors trained in your company’s
    exact standards
  • All reports are proofread multiple times
  • Verification, spelling and grammar checks
  • Resolution guarantees

From designing a meaningful form to implementing client requested adjustments, our robust online reporting is built to transform raw information into actionable business feedback.

For more information on the services available through RitterAssociates, call us today at 877-284-9785 or email us at

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