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Custom report builder

Client Dashboard: Information at a Glance

The Client Dashboard delivers powerful visual presentation of multiple performance indicators at a glance.  With its ability to quickly provide comprehensive view of the “big picture” with a single click, the Client Dashboard is the perfect tool for
top management.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Media Explorer: Getting Closer to
Your Media

Our Media Explorer provides effort-free means to locate and track your images, documents or audio and video files with only a couple of clicks.  You can easily compare and track changes over time.

Digital image audits

Custom Reports: For Your Non-Standard Reporting Needs

If what we offer as standard reports is not sufficient for some more specific reporting requirements, our Custom Report builder is the perfect tool for you. The quick, three step report generation tool is a convenient way to generate custom datasets on the fly and with minimum time and effort.  Simply, filter for the data you are interested in, select the items to appear on the report, define the order and run the report.  Once the report is generated, you can export it to Excel or print preview it.

Visual customer satisfaction reports

Unleash the Power of 3-in-1 Reporting

With the combination of the three fundamental data presentation components in one report: tabular, chart and color coding, you benefit from the enhanced visualization and the drastic time savings in reading and understanding reports.  You no longer have to put effort into reading and interpreting data, as our reports will do this for you.

With over 15 customizable and configurable reports covering all aspects of the organizational performance, including trending, ranking, survey, questions and answer analysis, verbatim and exceptions analysis you are guaranteed to have a thorough view of your performance at any point in time and business dimension.

All reports are available for download in PDF, Excel and image formats.  You can easily copy and paste portions of the report into you PowerPoint presentations.




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