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With global competition at an all time high, business owners and managers are finding that excellent customer service is an effective way to keep and attract customers. No longer can businesses pay lip service to excellent customer service without insuring that their customers are being treated properly.  In order for businesses to manage service, they must be able to measure it and they can do that through the use of a mystery shopping program.

RitterAssociates engages only highly professional mystery shoppers to help our clients objectively measure the level of customer service and adherence to standards such as cleanliness, fully stocked merchandise, etc. at each location.  We can develop a program that will help identify your strengths, weaknesses, and the performance of your competition. Posing as everyday customers, professional mystery shoppers observe the performance of your employees to provide you a snapshot of each location's overall performance.  If improving customer satisfaction is your company’s goal, RitterAssociates can help you achieve it through a mystery shopping program.

When you use our mystery shopping program, reports are custom designed to fit your company's standards, priorities, and goals.  Each day mystery shoppers transmit reports to our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio.  Using an online data warehouse model, we can provide virtually unlimited reporting capabilities in any format you desire.  These reports can be broken down by question, location, district, region, division, etc. It is also possible for our clients to have secure online access to their data.  You, as a user, can also perform your own online analysis of your data by using pre-determined queries that RitterAssociates will help you develop.

Customer satisfaction improvementIs your company missing out on add-on sales opportunities? RitterAssociates also offers suggestive sell and instant reward programs.  The suggestive sell is a powerful and effective method for generating increased sales in all retail verticals.  RitterAssociates has crafted a mystery shopping program that focuses on the suggestive sell, and delivering instant rewards to those employees of your company who offer a suggestive sell.

Offering cash cards, certificates, pins or other rewards is a great way to generate positive buzz around a suggestive sell program.  There is no better way to motivate your employees than offering instant positive reinforcement.  Before long, the instant reward given out will help ingrain this behavior into your front line employees. If a suggestive sell becomes second nature to your employees, this can have a powerful positive impact on sales. 

For more information on the mystery shopping programs available through RitterAssociates, call us today at 877-284-9785 or email sales@ritterassociates.com.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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