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Sharing knowledge with our clients that comes from accurate, quantitative and actionable customer measurement data is part of our core values.  We are expanding upon these values by offering more knowledge based tools to advance the industry.

As your customer measurement expert, RitterAssociates conducts content specific research and analysis about important consumer topics.  The result –a deeper understanding of consumer buying habits to augment and complement market research studies that will ultimately enhance the position of our client’s products/services in the marketplace.

RitterAssociates conducts its own sponsored research and makes this research available to advance the industry through webinars and white papers.

Clients may wish to sponsor a specific project in order to gain first mover understanding from the research.  Clients who sponsor a research project have the confidence knowing RitterAssociates manages the entire process – from scope to execution – and works with you to develop research and white paper objectives.  Sponsoring clients have advance access to findings that they can leverage in order to gain a stronger, more competitive position against the competition.

Contact your Account Manager today for more information about exploring what is top of mind for your customer.  Not yet a customer of RitterAssociates?  Call us at 877-284-9785 or email sales@ritterassociates.com today.


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