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Q: How will I know if I have been awarded the shop(s) that I have applied for?
A: Some shops are “self assign” and you will know immediately when you apply that you have been awarded the shop. The others will be awarded by the scheduler. You can check to see if the shops are in your RitterAssociates inbox daily and/or wait for the system to e-mail you letting you know that they are awarded.  

Q: How many shops may I apply for?
A: You may apply for as many shops as you like, however you MUST make sure you can complete all shops on time.

Q: I received the shop that I applied for but never received the confirmation e-mail? What should I do?
A: If the shop is in your RitterAssociates Inbox then you have been awarded the shop. Make sure you get the shop deliverables submitted by the due date.

Q: How will I know when new Shops/Projectsare available?
A: You are encouraged to visit the website frequently to look for available shops. You will periodically receive e-mails indicating that Available Shops/Projects have been posted. Available Shops/Projects become available daily, and e-mails will not necessarily be sent each time an Available Shops/Projects opens up.

Q: I received an e-mail that a mystery shop is available, but nothing is coming up when I search for it. Why is this happening?
A: The shop was probably awarded to someone else. You may check the second you get the e-mail, but it’s possible a shopper that qualified based on their shopper score was able to “self assign” that particular shop.

Q: Do I have to answer e-mails about shops that I submitted?
A: Yes. Failure to do so will result in non-payment for the shop. If you receive an e-mail from your scheduler or validator you must respond within 24 hours or the shop may be rejected completely.

Q: How do I know if my shop was accepted?
A: If you did not hear from us then your shop was accepted. Once the contractor payments system runs you will see the shop in your pay history. We are working on adding a shop log to give you better info on your shop status.

Q: When will I be paid for completed assignments?
A:  Once you have logged in the RitterAssociates site, you can read the Independent Contractor payment policy on the home page, under the “Assistant” section on the right side of the page.

Q: What should I do if I did not do my shop by the due date?
A: E-mail your scheduler ASAP and explain what happened. They will tell you what to do from there.

Q: Where do I send my receipts?
A: You can upload your receipts to the survey if one is required for the shop.  You should also retain your original receipts for 60 days.

Q: How do I contact RitterAssociates if I have a question that is not answered here?
A: Your contact person is your Scheduler - you can find a link to their e-mail in the shop
instructions. General Contact Information: Phone: (419) 535-5757 Fax: (419) 535-5646

Q: What are your Office Hours?
A: Mon thru Fri 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST

Q: I have completed my shop survey but it won’t submit.  What should I do?
A: Click on the “Check Complete” button on the right side at the bottom of the survey form.  If the system tells you that there is an unanswered question or a question that requires a comment, scroll back up through the survey and look for any questions which are bordered in red.  Once you’ve entered any missing answers or comments, click on the “Check Complete” button again.  Once you receive a message that your survey is complete, save your survey and you should be able to submit it.  If not, call or email your scheduler.

Q: What if the store is closed when I get there?
A: Check your instructions to make sure that you went to the location when they were scheduled to be open. If not, you will need to go back at the appropriate time. If they were supposed to be open go ahead and fill out the survey and N/A all questions. Please take a picture if possible.

Q: What if I cannot find the location? 
A: Contact your scheduler and they will help.

Q: What do I do if I no longer want to be a shopper?
A: Contact the office and we will disable your account.

Q: I keep looking for shops but there is nothing in my area?
A: Although we conduct shops in all 50 states we may not have any Available Shops/Projects in your area or a regional shopper might be covering all the shops in your area.

Q: I live in ____ and go to ____ for the winter months, how do I find shops in ____ for the winter months?
A: You can change your address in your profile and you will get emails about shops in whatever zipcode you enter. You can also manually adjust the search area in Available Shops/Projects.



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