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RitterAssociates is one of the fastest growing providers of customer experience measurement programs in the United States, completing in excess of 300,000 mystery shops each year.  RitterAssociates has a proven history of providing accurate, quantitative and actionable customer experience data.  Let our experience work for you in designing the best customer experience measurement program to fit your needs.
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  • Conduct over 28,000 mystery shops per month
  • 99.96% ON-TIME Completion Rate
  • Large, diverse database of 200,000 shoppers located in all 50 states
  • Service clients with 20 to 15,000 retail locations
  • Data available within 24 to 48 hours from completion of the mystery shop
  • Robust and user-friendly online reporting services
  • Full service in-house Call Center

Call us at 1-877-284-9785 or complete the simple form below and one of our sales managers will contact you within 48 hours to discuss how we can help you build great customer experiences.


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Ritter conducts exit interviews to help with store audits

Intercept interviews are often used to gauge visitor satisfaction regarding events and attractions and they can be used for store audits. Ritter Associates handles all aspects of intercept interviews, including questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis of results. We work closely with clients to identify critical information needs and design intercept interviews that will best inform business or organizational decisions.

Measurement of your company's customer service and customer retention levels through mystery shopping and customer research techniques is the basis of our store audit reporting.

Ritter’s customer intercept interviews, also called customer exit interviews, are especially insightful because the interviews take place at your locations, during or immediately after your customers’ shopping experiences. It is here that customers can accurately recall details of their shopping experiences and express their reasons for purchasing or not purchasing.

Ensuring merchandise is out on the selling floor in its proper place is a very basic but very profitable opportunity for all retailers and manufacturers. No customer should leave empty-handed and disappointed because merchandise isn’t placed per specifications or because it’s hidden in back rooms, up stock, and other storage areas. Our customer exit surveys and in store audits will ensure your business will retain customers.

We can help you understand which critical opportunities you need to address for your business, and we can customize an auditing program for your specific needs. Store audit results combined with exit interviews will only provide value if that data is actually used to improve conditions at the location, so it is critical that the data is useful at the operator level. Ritter Associates can do this for your business.

Customer exit interviews measure customer perceptions, brand recall or promotion awareness. Professionally trained interviewers conduct these studies to ensure quality responses. Data is available in a variety of formats.


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