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RitterAssociates is one of the fastest growing providers of customer experience measurement programs in the United States, completing in excess of 300,000 mystery shops each year.  RitterAssociates has a proven history of providing accurate, quantitative and actionable customer experience data.  Let our experience work for you in designing the best customer experience measurement program to fit your needs.
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  • Conduct over 28,000 mystery shops per month
  • 99.96% ON-TIME Completion Rate
  • Large, diverse database of 200,000 shoppers located in all 50 states
  • Service clients with 20 to 15,000 retail locations
  • Data available within 24 to 48 hours from completion of the mystery shop
  • Robust and user-friendly online reporting services
  • Full service in-house Call Center

Call us at 1-877-284-9785 or complete the simple form below and one of our sales managers will contact you within 48 hours to discuss how we can help you build great customer experiences.


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Ritter Associates offers telephone mystery shopping services

As one of Ritter Associates’ services, we offer telephone Mystery Shopping to help our customers determine the level of telephone service that is currently being offered. The approach is the same as that of an on-site visit to the stores. We first determine what our clients’ expectations are for the associates answering the phone, and then look for opportunities to help them improve those expectations by creating an audit form to capture the actual customer experience.

Recorded telephone mystery shopping is an effective means of measuring the quality of service delivered by your call handling teams. By addressing targeted procedures, or campaigns, clients can monitor organizational performance and make changes to process or behavior patterns as necessary.

Ritter Associates can show you how telephone mystery shopping programs can improve customer service and the sales performance of your employees when they answer the telephone.  Telephone mystery shopping programs are ideal for any company conducting sales or interacting with customers over the phone.  Telephone mystery shops can track and trend customer service levels, response times and customer service representative knowledge.  RitterAssociates offers digitally recorded conversations that are available to you on the same day.  This ensures your ability to react to potential problem areas or reward employees who deliver superior phone skills.  If your company uses the telephone to communicate with customers, then a telephone mystery shopping program could make a lot of sense for you.  RitterAssociates will help you determine if a Telephone mystery shopping program is a sensible fit for your company.

A well-planned telephone mystery shopping program can yield invaluable data about how your customers view the quality of your call center service interactions. Your call center representatives are the front line of your business-accepting orders, resolving issues, and answering product questions. Consistently outstanding customer service can set your establishment ahead of the competition.


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